47 Morsels of Me on my Birthday!

1. I don’t always feel the need to share that I disagree with someone’s viewpoint.

2. If it’s none of my business, sometimes I don’t feel the need to comment.

3. I feel content with my life and I savor that feeling.

4. I have fallen in love with gardening.

5. I find pruning the plants and flowers relaxing.

6. I started chair yoga this year and I love it.

7. I got back into water aerobics this year too.

8. I have so enjoyed our first year of homeownership.

9. It’s a dream come true and a gift that keeps giving.

10. I feel so lucky to work with the amazing women entrepreneurs I do.

11. I feel grateful that the world wide web has brought us together.

12. I haven’t met many of them in person but the connection is so alive nonetheless.

13. After hosting 3 online retreats, the desire to host an in person one is swirling around.

14. I see a lot more traveling in my wise woman years.

15. I feel youthful not because I don’t want to age but because I am very full of life.

16. My idea of fun is more low key.

17. I don’t have to go out to feel festive.

18. Flowers, music, food, candles is enough to put me in the party spirit.

19. My birthday feels like the New Year all over again.

20. I cleared out lots of paper clutter and immediately felt lighter.

21. I wiped and dusted off some surfaces and rearranged the aesthetic in certain corners of my home.

22. I deleted some things off my calendar to make some space in my schedule.

23. I think cleaning sets the stage for all kinds of blessings.

24. I’ve been thinking of adding a new offering to my services that I can take to organizations.

25. All the education, experience and training I have has in my business is comparable to another degree.

26. It has opened the door to executive coaching.

27. It’s led to me being a business mentor for a SF non profit helping 50 year olds start their business.

28. My business has been key to helping me find my voice and being fully self expressed.

29. I can’t believe I’m 3 years away from the big 5-0.

30. I thing a big shin dig will be in order.

31. Maybe one of those outdoor picnic scenes with stylish outdoor lighting.

32. I appreciate getting older because I am more and more myself.

33. 46 brought me some hot flashes.

34. Different teachers, books and rituals about this phase of womanhood are revealing themselves to me.

35. I’m old enough to think I’m too old for that.

36. I like to be home at a reasonable hour.

37. My daughter thinks I’m young and ONLY 47.

38. Mike and the kids gave me some sweet cards, gifts, big hugs and sang me happy birthday.

39. I had to go to the DMV to renew my drivers license on my bday.

40. I hope my picture’s cute!

41. I worried that I wasn’t going to pass the eye exam.

42. Whew. I passed it but I need glasses.

43. I’m not a fan of unsolicited advice.

44. Sometimes quality listening, presence and thoughtful questions are enough.

45. I’ve come to realize that not everyone is equipped to offer this.

46. It’s an actual skill, that great coaches, therapists, etc. possess.

47. I have goals, but I am not trying to get somewhere away from here anymore.

BONUS: My mantra moving into 47 is Be Here NOW.

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46 Birthday Tidbits of Me.

1. I love getting older.
2. I love that I am becoming more and more myself.
3. It’s hard to believe that I am now 4 years away from 50.
4. I think it’s never too late ⏰ to do the things you always wanted to do.
5. I feel like I am just getting started.
6. I’ve spent a lot of years focusing on my business and now there are other things I want to give quality attention to.
7. My business helped me find my voice and express myself in the ways I had been longing to.
8. I LOVE ? helping my clients find their voice and create their soul offering.
9. The women I work with REALLY are heart-centered
10. Most of my clients identify as an empath or highly sensitive.
11. I had my first child at 38.
12. I had my second child 6 days before my 40th birthday.
13. I bought my first house at 45.
14. It’s a dream come true to be a homeowner.
15. We are pretty much unpacked and settling in.
16. I am enjoying tuning into the energy of our new space.
17. I am having so much fun decorating.
18. I’ve always loved turning my space into a beautiful environment for living.
19. Decorating is one of my creative outlets.
20. I’m excited about creating a garden oasis.
21. I’m ready to buy my first shovel and get to know the land I’m on.
22. Someone gave me an assortment of seeds including sunflowers now it’s time to explore my Inner Gardener.
23. I take pictures of beautiful plants, flowers, and gardens all the time.
24. On my birthday I got a sound healing session.
25. I got off the table feeling deeply relaxed but energized.
26. I headed over to the farmer’s market and grabbed some produce and bought a beautiful succulent.
27. Then Reverend Inya came over and offered us a house blessing.
28. It felt extra special to have her pray over and smudge our new home.
29. The next day we had lunch at my parent’s house.
30. Quiche, salad, salmon, quinoa, guacamole, sushi, chicken with rosemary.
31. For dessert ? we had Tres Leche cake.
32. I got some special gifts including a crystal suncatcher that I put in my front window.
33. Mike and I went to an outdoor hot tub for some birthday R & R.
34. My daughter just learned how to ride her bike.
35. She was getting very frustrated that she couldn’t figure it out.
36. But she didn’t give up and all of a sudden there she was riding down the street.
37. As I took a video I was like “ OMG she’s off to college.”
38. I started writing a book in the Fall.
39. It’s a book for Spiritual Entrepreneurs.
40. I was in a groove and well life and all the things.
41. These days it’s calling me back and saying Kadidja let’s get back in the saddle.
42. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands ?? and put it into the world.
43. So many things offline have me bursting at the seams.
44. I have hosted 2 online retreats and I envision an in-person retreat in the near future.
45. I feel like I’m in a new stage of life.
46. More BEING, less doing!

See you next year Goddess Willing. Thanks for reading. Would love to hear what stood out for you!❣️

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4 Common Myths About Client Creation

MYTH #1: “If I’m being visible then I’m showing off.”

The truth is, people are not going to know about your business if you don’t tell them. One of the key ways to tell them is to be visible by sharing your message and business. A business owner sharing their services is doing their job.

MYTH #2: “If I don’t get ‘likes’, ‘follows’ or ‘comments’ then people aren’t listening.”

Just because people aren’t ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ doesn’t mean they aren’t listening. The truth is, I’ve had clients who’ve seemed to sign up for one of my programs “out of the blue” and when I spoke with them they said they’ve been following me for years and they never commented’ or ‘liked’ anything of mine.

MYTH #3: “The market is saturated and there are too many coaches.”

The truth is, there are 7 Billion people on the planet and there’s plenty of room to carve out a profitable niche in coaching. I don’t hear people say the market is saturated with Doctors, Nurses, or Lawyers.

MYTH #4: “Selling is all about being salesy and trying to convince, manipulate, and coerce people into buying.”

The truth is, selling is providing a solution to a problem, need, or want that your ideal client has. People are free to buy it or not but without the purchase, they can’t get the service or product.

If you identify with any of these myths and are looking to get support and strategy with creating more clients schedule a free Client Creation Queen?? Call with me by Friday, March 12th here ??https://www.manifestclientsnow.com/call/

Let’s see how we can help you and if not point you in the right direction.



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What to do when things slow down in your business…

There’s an ebb and flow to everything in life, including your business!

Sometimes you might find that you have a lot of energy for output and other times you are more internal.

You can bring in clients with ease at times and other times the same actions don’t work as well or as quickly.

So what do you do when you’re in an “ebb?”

business ebb (noun) – a moment when things slow down: you’re not getting as many subscribers or followers, you have a dip in your income, you have blocks with generating content, maybe you just feel blah, etc.

If this is happening, first off, it’s totally NORMAL!

It’s not being kind to yourself to expect to always perform at 100%. There are times when REST and RELAXATION are the best things you can do for YOU and your business.


✔️ Refine your niche or ideal client
✔️ Up your self-care
✔️ Reach out to potential collaborators
✔️ Nurture yourself and other parts of your life
✔️ Follow up with people or emails that you might’ve missed
✔️ Declutter your inbox or your physical space
✔️ Plant seeds for new ventures
✔️ Go play and have some fun
✔️ Work with a coach
✔️ Be creative and think outside the box
✔️ Get clear on your numbers
✔️ Learn something new

One way to reframe a business ebb is to think of it as the universe awarding you this time to rest and recuperate from all your output!

If you’re feeling insecure and worried that it will never shift, remember another time you were in an ebb, what you learned, and what happened on the other side.

Remember that things have to turn, they always do! Practice FAITH and TRUST in yourself and get SUPPORT.

Sometimes doing something non-business-related gives you renewed energy and new ideas on what next steps to take.

Use this time wisely to plant the seeds that you want to flourish in your next season of flow.

What advice do you have for a business ebb? Let us know in the comments!




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It’s ok to take a break!

You don’t have to post on Facebook.

You don’t have to apologize for not posting on Facebook.

There will ALWAYS be stuff to do. In your business AND outside of your business.

For me, it’s endless picking up toys, although I am getting better at directing my kids to do it. {Drives me bananas?} And let’s not even talk about email.

If I didn’t set timed hours to stop ? working, I’d be working endlessly. That for sure will lead to burnout, which is something a lot of women in my community tell me they are worried about.

If you really love your business like me, it’s easy to justify working long hours on it, but I think life-work balance is extremely important.


Taking care of your house, talking to your friends, spending time with your kids without phones… whatever your particular life calls for.

Here’s an example from my own life and business:

I took a week off recently. I did post to social media, but I wasn’t marketing or selling anything.

? I read a book — a whole book!
? I sat outside in the sun in the hammock.
? I did some decluttering in my garage.
? I did some shopping.

Got my head out of the hole.

By the next Monday, I was back to work, I felt excited! (Compare that to the previous Monday before my break where I had felt exhausted.)

If you can’t take a week off, ask yourself: How can I insert breaks in my day?

We’re not meant to keep going, going, going. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get into business to work myself to the bone!

And if it feels scary to do this – like somehow you’ll miss out or lose what you’ve been working for, remember this:

Time away can allow things to happen. It’s like when you’re waiting for someone to call and they are not calling and you keep staring at your phone, but then you finally surrender, put down the phone, and go do something else… then that person finally calls! It’s the same with business.

I’d love to hear how this lands – when was the last time you took a break in your business?

Let me know in the comments!

Kadidja ?

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My firstborn Naima turned 7!!! ?

I was just starting my coaching business right before I got pregnant??with her.

My first attempt at putting myself out there as a coach was to start a weekly women’s group.

The first regular circle ⭕️ was in the yoga ??‍♂️ studio of the house where I rented a room in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

After taking some time off after having her, I resumed the group and she would come to visit us at the end, and sometimes she would make an appearance during because she wanted to be next to me.

I started taking online business courses when she was 6 months old and quite often she would be on these zoom sessions with me as I bounced her on the yoga ball or nursed her.

She still loves to make a debut on my Zoom calls and knows all my coaches by their first name.

She’s been a big part of my journey since starting my business and a huge part of my why.

Almost 8 years later here we are finding our flow! ❤️


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Give Thanks and Acknowledge

I had a teacher that would say that unacknowledged good turns to shi#! ???

She meant that if good things come and you don’t give thanks, and don’t acknowledge them. Guess what? They turn to ???.


When applied to business, it looks like dismissing, not noticing, or appreciating your progress because it’s not where you want it to be yet.


But, it’s all the accomplishments big and small that add up to whatever success you are seeking.

When you have a practice of acknowledging the good daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and/or yearly it just becomes the way you think, what you emit and what you attract. 

?? Here are a few of my wins from the month of June:

  • I taught a workshop on Magnetic Client Creation for the Women On Purpose Conference and someone sent me a message on IG that it blew them away.
  • I presented at an ICF Coaches Coffee based in Maryland where I taught on Community Building for Business Growth.
  • I did an interview for the Power of Your Mind Podcast and we talked about LOA and Business.
  • One of my client’s sold her first two $3000 packages!
  • I attended an online business retreat personally and got so much value and inspiration from it.
  • My daughter turned 7 and her other grandpa surprised her for her birthday from Florida. She felt really loved on her birthday even though she didn’t have a party with friends like she normally does.
  • She also won first place in her reading contest at school after some challenges with reading and it was a big win for her on the last day of class.
  • My son had his first kindergarten playdate and made some new friends.
  • My interview for The Diverse Talent Showcase, a summit focused on diversity and inclusion for teams aired.
  • We started our new bigger house? search.

Anything you want to acknowledge from June or recently that we can celebrate with you?

Let me know in the comments!


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Do you think that you have to start getting clients and earning in your business BEFORE you start investing in your business and hire a coach?

If you do it, it makes perfect sense.

Maybe you think you’re not even earning money in your business now.

OR not making enough money in your business now.

So why would you spend money to hire a coach or invest in a program?


That’s not only going to eat into what you already have, but you’re also pretty sure you can figure it out yourself.

Truth be told, you can potentially figure out what you “think” you need to know.

YouTube, Google, and freebies are great resources!

If you aren’t investing money?, and have the time, you can absolutely spend time figuring out some things.


?? How to create a lead magnet?
?? How to design a website?
?? How to grow your following on Instagram
?? How to start your email list?
?? and a whole host of other things…

But where most people get stuck in their business is that they don’t know what they don’t know.

You can’t Google “How to______,” if you don’t know what keywords you are searching for. ?

Not knowing what you need can keep you from making the money you want to make and getting the results you desire.

AND even when you find out what the what is, most of the time, it’s really challenging to implement yourself without a structured container.

One of the key things I do in my work with clients is to:

  1. Help them with their blindspots so they get a strategy for what they don’t realize they don’t know.
  2. Help them implement that strategy in a way that works for them.

If doing what you’re doing is not getting the results you want invest in the help that creates a new possibility.


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Do you have the time to generate 3K, 5K, or 10K a month in your business?

Many women in my community share with me that they want to make 10K a month.

They imagine that it will free them up from having to:

▪️constantly worry about money
▪️provide them with a more comfortable lifestyle and
▪️make them feel like they are FINALLY doing the work they are meant to be doing.

One of the reasons they say that they haven’t ❌ achieved it is because they don’t have the time or enough time to focus on their business.

?They have a full-time job which zaps all their energy
?They’re with the kids all the time and can barely find a moment to think
?They’re in another training certification program and they have work to do for it


We only have so many hours in a day and if you have a certain number of hours allocated to other things you only have so much time left.


→ I’m a mom of two under 7
→ I have aging parents whom I help
→ I have clients to work with and a business I run
→And I’m invested in my own business development.

I understand having demands on your time and feeling like more time would make ALL the difference.

But here’s the thing Queen…

As long as you keep talking about time like sand through an hourglass and you only have a little left.


We stay stuck when we think we can’t mold or shape our time to suit our own lives and vision.

A Queen ?? owns her time, her time doesn’t own her.

When you have a disempowered conversation around time you feel like you can’t do anything about it.

With an empowered context around time, you know that you can adjust your schedule to make space for your priorities.

Let me tell you something that I share with my clients that they ABSOLUTELY love that changes their relationship to time just like that.

The next time you realize you are a “NO” around something instead of saying “I don’t have the time“, say I don’t want to do that right now, or that’s not a priority for me right now.

Because it puts the power back with you not outside of yourself.

So back to the question, do you have the time to generate 3K, 5K, or 10k per month?

The TRUTH is we make the time for what’s a priority for us.

If it’s not a priority to you, there is nothing wrong with that.

When I see clients make the time for their business, that’s when I see them achieve not only their income goals but their deeper goals of impacting their clients and making a difference.



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Decide You ARE Ready Now!

I’ve seen a lot of coaches prolong getting clients because of all the things they think they need to have in place before feeling good enough to launch and feel like people will buy their high ticket offer.

? A Website
? An Email list
? A Lead Magnet
? A Signature Story
? A program with modules and workbooks

It can feel as though once you have this one ?? thing in place then the clients will start pouring in…

So you pour a lot of energy and time to make sure it’s good.

The problem is this can lead to the getting ready to get ready phenomenon.

That’s when there’s always something to do before getting clients.

▪️Working on your website.
▪️Updating your design skills.
▪️Figuring out a complicated marketing strategy.

The tricky part about it is that for most people these projects take waaaaaaaaay longer than expected and can actually DELAY getting clients.

You’re just spread too thin.

Ironically, you start out doing these activities to get more clients.

BUT what happens is you just caught in the rabbit hole of busyness.

When you fill-up your business with “busy activities” YES your day is FULL and feels productive.

BUT you’re not bringing in those clients…

My clients aren’t interested in being busy.

They are interested in being fully booked and profitable.

In reality, there are very specific actions that will bring in clients quickly which are not a website, a lead magnet, crafting a signature story, and creating a program with video modules and workbooks.

In my Client Creation Queen?? program, one of the key things we do is to focus on MMA’s {Money Making Activities}.

We prioritize steps and tasks that will bring in clients in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Once you have money and clients coming in, and you see how to serve them….

It makes it waaaay easier and it takes less time to complete larger projects in your business.

On a scale of 1-10, where are you on the busy spectrum in your business? ?


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