4 Common Myths About Client Creation

MYTH #1: “If I’m being visible then I’m showing off.”

The truth is, people are not going to know about your business if you don’t tell them. One of the key ways to tell them is to be visible by sharing your message and business. A business owner sharing their services is doing their job.

MYTH #2: “If I don’t get ‘likes’, ‘follows’ or ‘comments’ then people aren’t listening.”

Just because people aren’t ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ doesn’t mean they aren’t listening. The truth is, I’ve had clients who’ve seemed to sign up for one of my programs “out of the blue” and when I spoke with them they said they’ve been following me for years and they never commented’ or ‘liked’ anything of mine.

MYTH #3: “The market is saturated and there are too many coaches.”

The truth is, there are 7 Billion people on the planet and there’s plenty of room to carve out a profitable niche in coaching. I don’t hear people say the market is saturated with Doctors, Nurses, or Lawyers.

MYTH #4: “Selling is all about being salesy and trying to convince, manipulate, and coerce people into buying.”

The truth is, selling is providing a solution to a problem, need, or want that your ideal client has. People are free to buy it or not but without the purchase, they can’t get the service or product.

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Let’s see how we can help you and if not point you in the right direction.





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