“I went from zero clients to 7 clients in the 3 months we worked together. I had the best week financially of my life!  When I came to Kadidja my goal was to start manifesting clients and to feel more confident in myself. Kadidja is so wise and encouraging. She believed in me and helped me believe in myself. I felt comfortable sharing with her and never felt judged. I also liked her sense of calm and groundedness.  I have a new outlook on life, money and my ability to manifest! I made the money I invested back and then some.” – Tree Cretella, Dating Coach, http://www.HeartCenteredEvents.com

“Kadidja, I just signed an $1,800 client!  It feels really good to get my own client.  I feel more affirmed and confident about the value, need, and worthiness of my offerings and I am more familiar with navigating resistance to business-oriented action steps and transmuting it into initiating processes.  I have done more in the last few months than I have in the last year.  Thank you for continued support along the way.”

Jessalyn Ballerano, Doula, http://www.doolydoula.com

“I’ve experienced my best months in business to date since working with Kadidja. I got rid of my lowest package and my monthly income has more than doubled and continues to grow! My health coaching practice is now full and I started a waiting list for my busiest days. I now have an assistant and have altered my availability to clients to better suit my time, energy and balance. I wanted a coach that addressed both the business and the personal side of my growth. Kadidja provided the structure, accountability and guidance I needed for this next phase of my personal and professional growth.I would recommend Kadidja for any coach looking for a compassionate and strong coach who will both support you and push you to grow and expand.” – Michelle Dwyer, Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant, http://www.HealthCoachMichelle.com

“I didn’t think it was possible but I signed up my first client in 30 days!  My business was non-existent before working with Kadidja. I felt invisible and unsure how to proceed. I was confused about what really mattered and what steps where necessary.  As a result of our coaching, I have increased clarity, confidence, and belief in myself as a business owner. Thank you Kadidja for always supporting me and seeing for me what I sometimes couldn’t see for myself!” – Kellie Dale, Empowerment Coach

“I was literally stuck and I had to pay to get unstuck. I was putting everything off, the stuff that was going to make me money. I’ve really been working these 3 or 4 months we have been working together. Everything is opening up for me. had my first yoga class. After I taught my yoga class I met myself in a new way I never felt before. Things will never be the same. I found a freedom and clarity that I am special and that I a have something to give. I don’t have to worry about those things that were holding me down. My world opened up and the fear dissipated.” – Cassandra Lewis, Yoga Teacher

“Kadidja is an amazing teacher! She has inspired me so much and now I feel freer than ever to pursue my dreams.” Jackee Turks Love, Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker

“Since working with Kadidja, I have a stronger connection to spirit and have built the muscle of self-trust. I am able to listen to and trust my intuition now. I have given myself permission to just really relax into myself and listen to that inner voice and make really good authentic, responsible choices and just continue to let go. To let go of the outcome and know that, if I’m really following my soul, I’m headed in the right direction and to keep moving. And I always felt that as part of my coaching.” – Lisa Walker, Transformational Life Coach

Kadidja is spot on. She pushes in a way that doesn’t feel pushy yet gains results. I’ve seen tremendous strides in my own life as a direct result of working with her. She is so kind, caring and direct. She helped  me move through the fear of starting and facilitating my first group. My 7 week group had great success and I led my first 2 online seminars.  I have increased confidence in myself and feel more empowered in my decisions. I am more at peace with where I am in my life and where I would like to go.” – Debi Veninga, Wellness Coach


“I started seeing Kadidja so that I could launch my coaching business. I increased my clarity around who I wanted to work with  and started taking steps to get myself out there. I finally set up my FB page, created a blog, started a meet-up group and even had a workshop during our coaching. Kadidja brings a combination of patience and loving fierceness. She is really good at helping women get over the hurdles of starting their own business. She is so full of love and approval that it is easy to be honest.” – Rachel Dallas, OM Trainer and Coach


“Kadidja has amazing presence and offers such powerful guidance. With her there is this potential to be very well seen, heard, supported and cheered on as you tackle what life might throw at you. Whatever I brought into coaching was met with compassion for where I was right there. When you are around her there’s this part of you that feels like you are always learning from her. She has the gift of bringing people together who can potentially be supportive of each other, which has been an ongoing gift.” – Elly Dee, OM Trainer & Coach

“Kadidja helped me to realize all of the desires that I have (from getting a tattoo, to cutting my hair, to doing Yoga Teacher Training, to starting a blog, to being a contributing editor to an online publication). She helped me to figure out a lot by simply being there and holding space for me to have my fears and doubts, but still prompting me to move forward, even if the steps that I took were baby steps.  She listened intently to my concerns and my fears and doubts, and also helped me to move forward despite those fears by being gentle with an unwavering maternal presence.  I would say that if you want to start making actual, real changes in your life, and start living out your deepest desires, then you really need to work with Kadidja. She knows exactly how to pull those desires right out of you and help you to make them reality.” – Tiffani Jackson, Blogger & Yoga Practitioner

“Kadidja helped me to restart my business. Our weekly sessions, writing down goals every week, and being grateful helped me to take the necessary action to get my law firm up and running. I created a website, got a few clients and secured an amazing office space!” – Melanie Popper, Sexual Harassment Lawyer, http://www.RevArtsLaw.com

“I needed someone to be there with me while I established myself as a new business woman.  I felt unsure of myself and I felt fairly powerless. My work with Kadidja took me on a very deep inward journey.  Now, I feel that I have the tools I need to be on my own and make my business happen and my life is much more clear to me. I would recommend Kadidja to women who want a positive loving person to be part of their unfolding.” – Lyndal Bronwyn, Hypnotherapist

“Kadidja is an amazing woman that helps build confidence and provides insight on how to get your business going.  She helped me figure out what steps to take to build my business and community.  And she gave me the inspiration. motivation and encouragement to believe in myself and that I can be successful.” – April Colvin, Life Coach, http://www.AdjustingMyCrown.com

“Kadidja is one of the wisest and most compassionate coaches I’ve ever met.”  – Michelle Yu, Real Estate Broker