Decide You ARE Ready Now!

I’ve seen a lot of coaches prolong getting clients because of all the things they think they need to have in place before feeling good enough to launch and feel like people will buy their high ticket offer.

? A Website
? An Email list
? A Lead Magnet
? A Signature Story
? A program with modules and workbooks

It can feel as though once you have this one ?? thing in place then the clients will start pouring in…

So you pour a lot of energy and time to make sure it’s good.

The problem is this can lead to the getting ready to get ready phenomenon.

That’s when there’s always something to do before getting clients.

▪️Working on your website.
▪️Updating your design skills.
▪️Figuring out a complicated marketing strategy.

The tricky part about it is that for most people these projects take waaaaaaaaay longer than expected and can actually DELAY getting clients.

You’re just spread too thin.

Ironically, you start out doing these activities to get more clients.

BUT what happens is you just caught in the rabbit hole of busyness.

When you fill-up your business with “busy activities” YES your day is FULL and feels productive.

BUT you’re not bringing in those clients…

My clients aren’t interested in being busy.

They are interested in being fully booked and profitable.

In reality, there are very specific actions that will bring in clients quickly which are not a website, a lead magnet, crafting a signature story, and creating a program with video modules and workbooks.

In my Client Creation Queen?? program, one of the key things we do is to focus on MMA’s {Money Making Activities}.

We prioritize steps and tasks that will bring in clients in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Once you have money and clients coming in, and you see how to serve them….

It makes it waaaay easier and it takes less time to complete larger projects in your business.

On a scale of 1-10, where are you on the busy spectrum in your business? ?




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