What to do when things slow down in your business…

There’s an ebb and flow to everything in life, including your business!

Sometimes you might find that you have a lot of energy for output and other times you are more internal.

You can bring in clients with ease at times and other times the same actions don’t work as well or as quickly.

So what do you do when you’re in an “ebb?”

business ebb (noun) – a moment when things slow down: you’re not getting as many subscribers or followers, you have a dip in your income, you have blocks with generating content, maybe you just feel blah, etc.

If this is happening, first off, it’s totally NORMAL!

It’s not being kind to yourself to expect to always perform at 100%. There are times when REST and RELAXATION are the best things you can do for YOU and your business.


✔️ Refine your niche or ideal client
✔️ Up your self-care
✔️ Reach out to potential collaborators
✔️ Nurture yourself and other parts of your life
✔️ Follow up with people or emails that you might’ve missed
✔️ Declutter your inbox or your physical space
✔️ Plant seeds for new ventures
✔️ Go play and have some fun
✔️ Work with a coach
✔️ Be creative and think outside the box
✔️ Get clear on your numbers
✔️ Learn something new

One way to reframe a business ebb is to think of it as the universe awarding you this time to rest and recuperate from all your output!

If you’re feeling insecure and worried that it will never shift, remember another time you were in an ebb, what you learned, and what happened on the other side.

Remember that things have to turn, they always do! Practice FAITH and TRUST in yourself and get SUPPORT.

Sometimes doing something non-business-related gives you renewed energy and new ideas on what next steps to take.

Use this time wisely to plant the seeds that you want to flourish in your next season of flow.

What advice do you have for a business ebb? Let us know in the comments!






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