It’s ok to take a break!

You don’t have to post on Facebook.

You don’t have to apologize for not posting on Facebook.

There will ALWAYS be stuff to do. In your business AND outside of your business.

For me, it’s endless picking up toys, although I am getting better at directing my kids to do it. {Drives me bananas?} And let’s not even talk about email.

If I didn’t set timed hours to stop ? working, I’d be working endlessly. That for sure will lead to burnout, which is something a lot of women in my community tell me they are worried about.

If you really love your business like me, it’s easy to justify working long hours on it, but I think life-work balance is extremely important.


Taking care of your house, talking to your friends, spending time with your kids without phones… whatever your particular life calls for.

Here’s an example from my own life and business:

I took a week off recently. I did post to social media, but I wasn’t marketing or selling anything.

? I read a book — a whole book!
? I sat outside in the sun in the hammock.
? I did some decluttering in my garage.
? I did some shopping.

Got my head out of the hole.

By the next Monday, I was back to work, I felt excited! (Compare that to the previous Monday before my break where I had felt exhausted.)

If you can’t take a week off, ask yourself: How can I insert breaks in my day?

We’re not meant to keep going, going, going. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get into business to work myself to the bone!

And if it feels scary to do this – like somehow you’ll miss out or lose what you’ve been working for, remember this:

Time away can allow things to happen. It’s like when you’re waiting for someone to call and they are not calling and you keep staring at your phone, but then you finally surrender, put down the phone, and go do something else… then that person finally calls! It’s the same with business.

I’d love to hear how this lands – when was the last time you took a break in your business?

Let me know in the comments!

Kadidja ?



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