What would an additional $500, $1000, $2000, or even $5000 or more mean for you or your family?

How would that change the quality of your life? What kind of changes would clients receive in their lives by investing in themselves through working with you?

Learning how to get coaching clients is not just about “getting” someone to sign up with you.

✔️It’s about believing in the value you provide.
✔️It’s helping someone get to the other side of their unconscious limitations so they can have what they want.
✔️It’s being properly compensated and financially supported for your skill set and experience.
✔️It’s about the trickle effect that one client’s transformation has on their own circle of influence.

What would be the impact for you in mastering the art of getting new clients and growing your business, FOR REAL?

Travel? Private school? Donating to causes that matter? Help with household finances? Staying at home with your children? Going back to school?

If learning how to acquire clients feels like a pressing priority for you, let’s have a conversation about how I can support you in doing that!



Hey lady,

If you are not quite where you want to be.
If you haven’t had your first client
If you are in between clients
If it seems others are doing it better or faster
If you are tired
If you are overwhelmed
If you are not believing in yourself
If you want to give up
If you just can’t seem to…


Where can you forgive yourself?
Where can you acknowledge yourself?
Where can you be grateful?
Where can you be patient with yourself?
How can you help somebody else?
How can you love yourself with what you have and where you are?
How can you celebrate you?



The first meet-up I hosted was centered around a book. I’d never held a group before and I thought that organizing it around a book would be a great way for me to start. Still, I had reservations about leading a group about finding your soulmate when I hadn’t found “the one” and I was so frustrated with my dating experiences at the time.

I had thoughts like “how I can I help people find their mate when I haven’t found mine?”, “what if they ask me questions, I don’t know the answer to?”, and “what if nobody shows up?” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The other part of me thought, well I’m not claiming to have all the answers nor pretending that I’ve found my soulmate. Additionally, I realized that:
a) I really wanted to go through this book myself
b) I wanted to bring women together and facilitate the process
c) as a coach I didn’t need to have the answers but the questions that would lead to the answer.

Well guess what happened? 8 people signed up for that class. I FINALLY, went through this book that had been sitting on my shelf for years. As the leader, I had to go through the material so I could make the lesson plans. AND, I actually connected with my partner during that class and we have 2 kids.

Stepping up to lead and take more responsibility opened the door to ACTUALLY create the thing that I wanted.

Is there something that you’ve been wanting to offer or teach but feel like you are not qualified?


I recently listened to a program I created a few years ago called BLOOM INTO YOUR ABUNDANCE: The Art of Womanifesting. Being that it had been a couple of years since I heard it, I received it with new eyes and perspective.

I hadn’t planned on listening to the whole thing because it’s over 7 hours long. But, I got sucked into my own program and was amazed that I was having that reaction to it. I was actually able to go through the material as a participant. Of course, I enjoyed teaching it and I had so much fun creating it, but I don’t think I knew how good it actually was.

One of my biggest takeaways as a participant was to identify the qualities I think manifesting a particular thing would bring into my life and to start cultivating that quality NOW. I was also reminded how important it is to take focused action but to release attachment to the how and when of something coming.

I recommend reviewing your material when you aren’t trying to make sales or looking for feedback so you can get an objective view of your work. It can be so easy to see your own work through the lens of your own biases and take in everyone else’s stuff with an objective point of view.

Its such a rewarding feeling to digest something you’ve created with no agenda and notice how it makes YOU feel. And I gotta tell you it felt pretty darn good!


My daughter used her potty for the first time the other day!!! It was very unexpected and as you can imagine incredibly exciting.

We’ve been reading her a book every night for about a month or two about a little girl who started using her potty. We’ve also been gently asking her if she wants to sit on it. A lot of the time she says no.

Well the other night, when asked if she wanted to use her potty, she said yes. Low and behold, she peed in her potty. We cheered and hugged her and gave her a high five. She was very proud of herself.

It’s interesting how you can ready your mind for an event by reading and talking about it. THEN there is actually doing it.

I don’t think using force is either helpful or kind when it comes to potty training or growing our business. But at some point a decision will have to be made. I’m gonna get on the potty or not and be good with that!

Have you had an experience where you were reading, talking and studying about your next business move and then actually implemented the teaching and had a victory? I would love to hear!


I often hear clients and prospective clients express hesitation or disinterest in doing videos. “I don’t like my voice”, “I don’t like how I look”, ” I don’t know what to say” etc.

Video is just 1 of many ways to put yourself out there and share what you do. The advantage to doing videos is that it’s the next best thing to meeting you in person. People can engage with your content without speaking to you and see if it’s a fit to work together or not. That saves time for both you and them. Also, given that so many people have a fear of doing videos, it’s a pretty quick way to establish credibility and be seen as an expert.

That being said, you don’t have to do videos to get clients. None of my initial clients came from doing video. They came from live events and online groups. You can get yourself out there in person, asking for referrals or use audio or written marketing. So you absolutely can grow and fill your practice without using video marketing.

If you have never done video, giving it a shot is a great way to stretch yourself and find out if it’s a good tool for you. I was so uncomfortable doing my first videos and even more uncomfortable sharing them. But I can say I have gotten better and more comfortable over time.

How do you feel about doing videos?



Do you have specific days and/or times when you do things or does everything flow together?

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have both of the kids and Monday, Wednesday and Friday I just have my son.

MWF are the days I see clients and take care of work related activities that are much harder to do when my daughter is there like discovery calls, correspondence, doing videos, creating content etc.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do more family and household related activities like shopping, errands, personal calls and that sort of thing.

I have found that it actually saves times to have allocated time and/or days to do things. Otherwise, it can feel like you are trying to do everything at once which can be crazy making.

What helps you make the most of your time?


Not every action you take in your business is going to make you feel warm and fuzzy. It’s easy to avoid or resist taking steps that you know would move you further along out of comfort.

Who doesn’t love to feel comfortable? I know I do! But growth doesn’t happen in any area of our lives without stretching and doing something new. It’s the thing that breaks us out of our routine, that can infuse our life and business with new energy and YES money!

If you can accept that taking certain actions might make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, self-conscious, even scared than it becomes easier to make friends with change. You might also find that along with those feelings are excitement, curiosity and inspiration.

FEAR isn’t always a sign to stop, slow down or step back. Often times, it can be an invitation to lean in. A sign that there is a place for you to grow and expand.

Next time you find yourself feeling hesitant to take a particular step in your business ask yourself “what’s the best possible outcome for me if I say yes to this?”. That will help you focus on the benefits of moving forward rather than on the fear.

Where do you feel like you’ve been holding back?



I had a garage sale this Saturday and I found myself thinking about how we price our coaching services.

As I priced each item, I had an intuitive price about what I thought it should go for. I factored in how much I paid for it, the condition, the quality, the current value and the garage sale environment..

What I noticed in my intuitive number was the price it FELT good and resonant to sell it at. So, how does this relate to your coaching services?

Well, as you come up with your number, take into consideration your background, education, experience, audience and MOST importantly how the number makes you FEEL. Do you feel like you are shortchanging yourself or over reaching because someone else is charging that?

It’s not about what you SHOULD charge or what other people are charging. It’s about you being truthful to what feels right to you. Not everyone is going to buy an item or coaching service even if they like it. However, the right people will come along and they will be happy to buy what you are selling and you will be happy to give it to them.



I recently had a really fun coaching call talking to a client about vaginas. You see my client is a sexual wellness coach and I was helping her create her course outline for an upcoming class. I have come to discover that helping clients create content is a natural skill I didn’t know I had.

One of the things I see in my coaching business and especially working with women is how easy it is to take our “natural” gifts for granted. The reason is a lot of women mistake talents that may come to them easily as something everybody already knows, not something that people would actually pay for or they simply don’t realize it’s a marketable skill.

The good news is that the things that you are best suited to coach are the things that come naturally to you. Some of us are great at talking about vaginas and helping women to heal and enjoy their bodies. Some of us are great at helping women with their finances because we are awesome stewards of money. Some of us seem to always have harmonious relationships and can help those who feel like it’s rocket science.

Someone out there is stuck, in pain, frustration, confusion or overwhelm around something that is or has become easy for you. Your service or product is the bridge to get them to the other side.

What comes naturally to you as a coach?

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