My previous experience doing home parties in the Direct Sales industry, taught me a lot of about the limiting beliefs and fears that many women have around selling their products and services.

I saw women express worry or concern at being seen as salesy or pushy or feeling like they were doing something wrong by selling. Some women were completely uncomfortable calling people to share the business opportunity or to see if they wanted to book a party. That was pretty amazing given that they thought enough of the product to invest in it themselves.

Frequently, I would hear people say things like “I don’t know that many people”, “she doesn’t have the money”, “she wouldn’t be interested”, “I don’t want her to think I’m a part of some MLM scam” etc. In other words, reasons not to do anything that would feel the slightest bit uncomfortable or make you look bad in the eyes of others.

One of the ways to book parties was to make a list of everyone you knew and start reaching out to people to let them know what you were up to. Another way was to throw your own party and book parties from that one. Or to participate in someone else’s event where you could share the product and book parties that way.

I think the same marketing tools of direct sales apply to sharing your coaching services. If it’s challenging to come up with a list of potential leads in your network, you’re in resistance. If setting a date to host an event keeps getting pushed further and further out, you’re in resistance. If coming up with one package to offer potential clients seems really complicated, you’re in resistance.

Resistance is fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear about what others will think, fear of not doing it right or not being perfect, fear of getting a no or fear of rejection.

Leaning into the fear is courage. It takes courage and vulnerability to sell. It takes putting yourself out there to get crickets, praise and/or sales. In fact, making sales requires you to be open which exposes you to being hurt or to being appreciated more than you can receive or feel worthy of.

How does it land with you that it takes courage to sell?

If you’re looking for the guidance and support to take courageous strides in your life and business, let’s set up a Business Clarity Call.


PS- This is me using the products I was selling.




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