Are you taking enough risks to reach the rewards you seek in your business? Or are you playing it safe?

Queen, you wouldn’t be in a business if you weren’t a little bit of a rule-breaker and risk-taker.

You’ve always been one to want to do your own thing.

That’s what the people in your world admire you for!

You aren’t a “rebel without a cause”, you just desire the freedom to be able to live life on your own terms and be fully self-expressed.

Is that too much to ask?

You started your business because you want to follow your HEART but when it comes to making decisions in your business you sometimes default to thinking with your HEAD.

As much as you know about the “Law of Attraction” you sometimes stray away from the what and get STUCK on the how.

Your mind can’t figure out H-O-W it’s all going to work and that can stop from you taking the leap of faith required for your next breakthrough.

You can’t wrap your head around:

✨ Launching a program because what if no one signs up.
✨ Going Live because what if you suck or you don’t like the way you look.
✨ Charging more for your services because you don’t want to alienate people.
✨ Posting on your personal page because you’re worried about what people will think.
✨ Investing in your business because what if you don’t get your money back.

Somehow the voice of reason and rationality {the how} take over and make sure that you play it safe.

This is the part of you that tells you to be sensible and practical.

It only believes in what you can see, and your immediate circumstances versus the possibilities.

Understandably your LOGIC wants to save you from financial loss, embarrassment or messing up.

However, the energy of your HEART is rooted in intuition, love, and taking chances.

How can you get the big rewards you seek without risking anything?

You can’t!

Have you heard the expression nothing ventured, nothing gained?

YES, risk can be uncomfortable.

But income, clients, and confidence are on the other side of risk.

My clients get really comfortable taking risks because we work on what risks to take when it comes to marketing, selling, and communicating with their audience.

That, in turn, builds their confidence and increases their capacity to take more chances which leads to more clients, income and contribution.

Coming into business and thinking you’re gonna play it really safe, isn’t going to produce the results you crave.

Where have you taken a risk in your business and it paid off?




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