My firstborn Naima turned 7!!! ?

I was just starting my coaching business right before I got pregnant??with her.

My first attempt at putting myself out there as a coach was to start a weekly women’s group.

The first regular circle ⭕️ was in the yoga ??‍♂️ studio of the house where I rented a room in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

After taking some time off after having her, I resumed the group and she would come to visit us at the end, and sometimes she would make an appearance during because she wanted to be next to me.

I started taking online business courses when she was 6 months old and quite often she would be on these zoom sessions with me as I bounced her on the yoga ball or nursed her.

She still loves to make a debut on my Zoom calls and knows all my coaches by their first name.

She’s been a big part of my journey since starting my business and a huge part of my why.

Almost 8 years later here we are finding our flow! ❤️




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