If you’re looking to gain some instant traction in your business, set a date to do the thing you’ve been thinking about doing or putting off doing. For some people, it can seem counter intuitive to set a date before you have everything set in place. However, setting a date is the difference between an idea and it being manifest.

When you set a date, it’s time to show up. Without a date, you can postpone showing up and even never show up. The date can be the ignition you need to kick things into gear. Now, you have to prepare! And since we are talking about dates, if someone wanted to take you on a date and kept saying we should go on a date sometime, but never wanted to pick a date, eventually you’d be like he’s playing games or not really serious.

When you set your intention to do something by a specific time or on a specific day you are choosing to make it a reality. That being said, things are not set in stone and you can change the date if you need to. For those of you who struggle with implementing one idea through to completion, setting a date and following through will make the difference. Rinse and Repeat!



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