38 Things About Me



1. I am 38 today and a little resistant to share my age on social media even though I like getting older.
2. I color my hair because I am not ready to go grey yet.
3. I am very fond of grey hair in others.
4. My parents are West African and my brother and I communicate in my Dads accent and it makes the conversation 20  times funnier.
5. I am 6 1/2 months pregnant and live with my honey and we are planning a home birth.
6. I really am an optimistic person and always have been. I believe in the goodness of life.
7. Right before my 30th birthday I got in a car accident and hurt my back and didn’t work for 9 months.
8. I am a trained doula and caught a baby for the first time 4 months ago by accident. Well there are no accidents.
9. I don’t pledge allegiance to any one philosophy or modality.
10. I have thrown myself some amazing birthday parties.
11. I eloped when I was 25 and that crashed and burned pretty quickly.
12. I don’t drink coffee but I love my teA.
13. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve had some meat after not eating it for nearly 8 years. I have mixed feelings about it.
14. I am very sensitive hearted but a strong warrior woman at the same time.
15. No one asked me to the prom.
16. I have 2 tattoos.
17. When I get my heartbroken I either move or shave my head.
18. I think I am a lucky person.
19. Litter drives me crazy.
20. French was my first language.
21. When I was 17 my grand mother told me to eat well, meaning eat a lot and not be too skinny so I could find a good husband. She was a luscious woman. I’m pretty luscious now too
22. I’m a pretty private person And Share my confidence with a few key people.
23. I journal regularly if not daily.
24. Most of my exercise classes have senior citizens in them.
25. I practice and teach Orgasmic Meditation.
26. I have an inconsistent Vedic meditation practice.
27. Some people tell me I am a closet singer but I am happy in the closet for now.
28. I used to be a High School counselor.
29. I’m an empath.
30. I kind of just do what I want quietly and don’t enjoy arguing and debating about how I should live my life. To each her own.
31. I’m a Womanist who sees the world through a feminine lens.
32. I love being a Coach and helping people access the freedom to express themselves more fully.
33. I need my beauty sleep and am no stranger to a nap in the middle of the day.
34. I often can’t get through a movie and fall asleep. So if you ask me if I saw a movie I will probably say some of it.
35. My life keeps getting better and better.
36. I’m a homebody who likes to be at home and clean my house and arrange things.
37. I’m a lover.
38. What I want more than anything for my birthday is a beautiful birth experience and a a strong healthy baby.



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