Likes and comments feel good but SALES feel great!​

Whether it’s your video training, your written content, or your inspirational posts you want to add to the collective of folks adding positivity to the algorithm.​

You put a lot of thought, time, and energy into creating valuable content for your community.​

That being said, it means a lot when people engage with your material via likes and comments because it makes you feel like it’s landing.​

However, when you get crickets….​​

It makes you wonder if anyone even cares ??‍♀️ and if you should even bother.​

OR left wondering if your clients are even out there.​

So you work even harder to make even more valuable content or focus on “engagement” content just so you don’t feel like you are talking to yourself.​​

The problem with that, is that engagement {likes and comments} aren’t an indication of someone wanting to buy your coaching services.​

Not to mention that seeking likes and comments will send you on an endless loop of seeking validation outside yourself.​​

But we’ll save that post for another day.​

Some people will like your stuff because they like and support you, or they appreciate what you write but will never become clients.​

That’s okay!​

Other people are silent watchers ? and observers that hang on to every word ? you say unbeknownst to you.​

When they are ready they may reach out without ever having liked or commented on any of your stuff.​

It happens to me and my clients all the time!​​

Focusing on likes and comments should not be the primary goal of your content or your presence online.​

The primary goal is to express yourself, offer value to your peeps, and let those who want to go deeper with you know how to do that.​

I don’t want to pretend that likes and comments don’t matter but they aren’t everything and definitely not the most important thing.​

?? They DO create social proof​.
?? They DO let you know what’s resonating with your audience.​
?? They **DO **make you feel like you are in a two-way conversation with your community.​​

They DON’T ❌ determine your value and they DON’T ❌ always translate into new clients.​​

In my 3 month Client Creation Queen Program, we focus on the process that leads to enrolling ideal clients into your transformational program.​​

We do this by helping you:​

  1. ​ Brand and sell your high-ticket coaching program​.
  2. ​ Create effective marketing content that leads to booking more discovery calls.​
  3. ​ Grow your community of people who are seeking the solution you provide.​

​My clients don’t get distracted by likes and comments but instead focus on the things that matter when it comes to ACTUALLY making money in their business.​

If you feel like your client creation process isn’t bringing you enough sales and you have gotten derailed by being “liked” on social media instead of enrolling new clients you love, DM me here ??

Let me know you’d like to hear more about The Client Creation Queen  Program.​




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