Hello 45 ???

  1. I stopped coloring my hair in 2020. 
  2. It wasn’t an easy transition letting the color grow out. 
  3. I was confronted with all the rules about women and aging and being attached to my youth. 
  4. I’m 9 months into not coloring my hair and I LOVE my silver now.
  5. While I still feel young at heart in some ways I’m releasing the need to have to look the way I looked in my 20’s or 30’s.
  6. I am embracing being a mature woman and let go of having to remain a maiden forever.
  7. I am officially a midlife woman, a DYNAMIC MIDLIFE WOMAN as one of my colleagues says. 
  8. There is so much I still want to do in the next half or more of my life. 
  9. I was really excited to be doing more in-person speaking events when the pandemic hit.
  10. I put all my attention into nurturing my online community.
  11. I really used this time to focus on taking my business to the next level.
  12. I started doing more FB Lives which I had stopped doing. 
  13. I hosted an online summit where I interviewed over 30 leaders in the coaching industry.
  14. Over 1000 people subscribed to participate in the series. 
  15. I was really excited to interview EFT expert Brad Yates and we did a tapping session which was really fun.
  16. I also launched my Manifest Clients NOW Podcast which you can find on iTunes.
  17. I plan to put out more episodes consistently in 2021.
  18. I had my best year to date in my business in 2020!
  19. One of the toughest parts of the pandemic is not having the kids in school. 
  20. It’s been rough not having playdates and being social the way they are used to. 
  21. They have been troopers and I am so glad they have each other. 
  22. They fight and makeup as siblings do. 
  23. My daughter has been doing really well with online learning and her french vocabulary has really improved.
  24. I can’t believe my son is going to be a kindergartner in the fall.
  25. My word for 2021 is ORGANIZED,
  26. That means decluttering and putting things in order. 
  27. I still make vision boards at the start of each year and did mine this month.
  28. I may go back to school at some point. 
  29. Other times I think about becoming a  Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. 
  30. I think starting your own business is an empowering answer to many problems.
  31. My business is a vehicle for my self-expression and for the clients I work with too.
  32. I am an eternal optimist.
  33. That doesn’t mean my faith doesn’t get tested.
  34. Doesn’t FB own IG too?
  35. My kids each made me a painting on canvas for my birthday. 
  36. I’m a Manifestor in Human Design.
  37. I like to work with people who are already self-motivated and on fire to have what they want.
  38. Sometimes “just keeping it real” is undercover for “ just keeping it negative.”
  39. Some people think I charge a lot for coaching but I think I should charge way more considering all you get.
  40. I used to love vibrant city life, and now I prefer quiet residential life. 
  41. On my birthday we went to the Claremont Hotel for brunch.
  42. I am definitely experiencing some pandemic fatigue. 
  43. I started doing this birthday list when I was 38 years old.
  44. I’ve invested a lot in my business in the last several years and I am excited to invest more time and energy into other areas of my life. 
  45. I haven’t gotten into using Clubhouse yet but we’ll see.

Thanks for reading. Leave me a comment and let me know what spoke to you!


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