I give myself permission to…

Each week at women’s group I listen for the common theme that is arising in the shares. Sometimes the word is named and sometimes the theme is just beneath the words. As I listened this week, the word permission came up for me as an important theme to explore, even though the word was not explicitly named.

You see, often times I hear a woman convince herself that she does not know what she wants. When I listen a little closer, I hear a desire that seems pretty clear to me but may seem difficult to obtain, or not a possibility in her current frame of belief or understanding. What I come to find out when I take a stand for the deeper yearning I hear between her words is that she hasn’t given herself her permission to simply want what she wants, let alone create it.

What was ultimately revealed is that the only person ever holding yourself back is you although it appears to be your circumstances, other people, or even your herstory. If you look closely, there is often a place where you are holding yourself back and not giving yourself permission to be your authentic self.

How are you not giving yourself permission to be more fully self-expressed and live the life you envision for yourself? One woman was inspired by the evening to use the mantra “I give myself permission to __________.” I want to share that with you and ask you, what would you like to give yourself permission to be, do or have? Let me know, I’d love to hear!






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