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Taking Time to Smell the Roses


This time last year I was in nervous anticipation of my first child. I was thinking about going into labor and what that would be like. I was making sure we had everything, checking things off the list.

Do we have all the supplies we need for our home birth and everything set up for after the birth? Make sure the house is clean, and that things are in order, oh and don’t forget to get the rugs and couches steam cleaned, dust isn’t good for babies.

Even though people said you don’t need that much, there’s a part of me that didn’t believe them. I’d rather have it just in case. I guess it’s the kind of thing you can’t know ahead of time. That all your baby needs is you.

I could go on and on about all the things I am learning about life and humanity that my daughter Naima is teaching me. One of the major things she reminds me of is that life is about the simple pleasures, like looking for treasures inside of the recycling and displaying them all over the kitchen floor.

Where can you take time to smell the roses and appreciate the simple pleasures this week?

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This is Your Year

New year 2015

Happy New Year Beautiful,

I hope your New Year is off to an amazing start. On New Year’ Day, I held a Tele-Class called A Gathering of Women~Creating 2015. It was a rich and meaningful way to set the tone for the coming year. Since then my family and I have conjured a bigger place to call home with a backyard for the little girl. I am seeing her kiddy pool now even though she hasn’t learned to crawl just yet.

The New Year is such a fertile time to reflect and evaluate where you are and plant the seeds for where you want to be. It is filled with the hope and promise of a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance to be more of who you really are and create what matters the most to you.

It’s an opening to clear out the old and make room for the new. The magical power of this is magnified when experinced with others. So if you haven’t already taken out the time to acknowledge and celebrate the heroic journey you walked in 2014, it’s not too late.

What difficulties did you face and see through to other side?

BAby and meOne of the biggest challenges I overcame in 2014 was the initial difficulty I had with breastfeeding. It was intense and uncomfortable for almost 3 months. And one day it just got better and has become one of the most loving ways to connect with my baby. There is such a sense of accomplishment that I feel in having persevered when others were discouraging and I didn’t know when the discomfort was going to end. I get to bring that win into the New Year and into my life period.

By reviewing and acknowledging your successes of the previous year you get to relive the adventure you embarked upon in present time. It’s an opportunity to see how much you actually have done and not take for granted all the prayers that were answered and the desires that were fulfilled.

Some heartfelt desires of mine that came true for me were:

  • I celebrated the impending arrival of my first child with a Blessing Way.
  • I had an amazing home birth and welcomed the birth of my daughter Naima.what do you desire
  • I taught 4 Tele-classes and led almost 100 women’s circles supporting women on their growth path.

What about you? What are you celebrating from 2014? Take some time to write this out. Regularly reviewing your successes strengthens your resolve that you can create other successes in the future.

Now that 2015 is here, you might feel inspired by the promise of the New Year and think to yourself this is the year you go to church every Sunday, or lose 50 lbs, or get out of debt or complete that project that you have been putting off. However, before the end of January, New Year can lose its luster and somehow the goals that seemed so exciting get lost or forgotten in the shuffle.

When you set too many goals and attempt to do a complete life make-over in one sitting you aren’t setting yourself up to win. The goals that initially inspire you require consistent action and attention to materialize. By revisiting your plans and seeing where you are with them on regular intervals you can see if they need to be discarded or adjusted.

Even though New Year’s Eve has come and gone, you can always create an opening for the things you want to birth in the New Year and invite blessings into your life. I invite you to pick a power word for 2015 that symbolizes the energy you want to harness this year. Let it be your mantra.  My power word is completion. What’s yours? Remember, this year is your year and so is every year!

Much Love,


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