FREE Client Creation Masterclass

For Coaches, Consultants, & Holistic Practitioners

The 3 Secrets to Get Paying Clients even if you’re Nervous or Shy to Put Yourself Out There! 


Kadidja Yansane - Business Coach

You'll Learn the 3 Secrets to Getting Paying Clients without having a Big List, Following, or even a Website!

Plus we'll cover:

  • How I Sold My First Package for $1,000 without Being Salesy or Pushy. 
  • How Most People are Leaving Money on the Table, by WAITING to Write Their Best Selling Book, Do a TED Talk or get another certification and what to do instead to Get Paying Clients Now!
  • The Single Biggest Obstacle that Stops Coaches, Consultants & Healers from Growing their practice and How to Turn that around. 
  • The Secret to Start Building a Community that's Poised to Work with You.