November FEMTalks Workshop Photos

My playshop “The Secret Formula to Aligning with Your Sacred Intention”  was well received at the November FEMTalks in Berkeley.

We talked about the essential ingredients to making your intentions stick!

They are to:

  1. Pick a TRUE heart’s desire. This sounds obvious, but how many times have you done something because you thought you were supposed to or it was expected of you? If you don’t really want something it will be hard to sustain the momentum required to keep it.
  2. Bring your words, thoughts, feelings, and actions in harmony with that desire. Sometimes we say we want something yet our behaviors and patterns don’t match what we say we want. Ask yourself if all of you is on board with materializing this intention.
  3. ALLOW the natural timing of your desire to occur. It can feel really frustrating when you want something and no matter what you do, it’s still not here. Trust that if it’s a true heart desire it will come at the perfect time for you. There is a fine balance between taking action and allowing things to unfold in their season.
  4. Get a physical symbolic representation of the desire you want to manifest. One way to solidify your intent to bring something to fruition is to get a symbol of it’s existence. What’s something that signals to you that your desire is on it’s way to you?

I hope this recipe helps you in getting in tune with your heart’s desire now and into the New Year.

Happy December!




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