42 Trips Around the Sun

Photography by EC Ferrer


  1. I don’t have any formal plans for my birthday just yet.
  2. Cleaning, organizing, flowers, manicure/pedicure are a good start.
  3. I went to a candlelight women’s circle on my Birthday eve.
  4. I think it’s important to have spaces where YOU feel held.
  5. I can’t imagine myself being bored with life.
  6. I don’t see myself feeling like “I’ve arrived, now what?”
  7. I have so many desires, I’m not sure they could be fulfilled in one lifetime.
  8. I am so grateful to be FULL of life and that no one can ever take that away from me.
  9. Someone recently looked at me and wrote “soft beauty” on a paper yellow heart and gave it to me.
  10. I felt really seen in her gesture and eye contact.
  11. There’s a lot of strength housed in this softness.
  12. Some people mistake my kindness for weakness.
  13. Somehow we have it twisted that you can’t be kind and powerful.
  14. Power is expressed in different ways.
  15. As the years go by, I am more at ease with who I am and who I’m not.
  16. That flows over into my coaching business.
  17. Some people are drawn to work with me and others are not.
  18. I’m drawn to work with some and not with others.
  19. It’s all okay!
  20. No matter how cute your kids are parenting is not easy.
  21. I’m still learning and finding my way.
  22. I see myself working with a Parenting Coach soon.
  23. We are looking for a new school for our daughter.
  24. The whole process is a lot to think about and can be overwhelming.
  25. As I visit schools my respect for teachers and my parents increases.
  26. Someone recently described her mother as not having a purpose because she didn’t work outside of the home,
  27. It’s interesting how motherhood is at once esteemed and dishonored at the same time.
  28. My son just turned the big 2.
  29. He’s talking a lot and starting to make sentences.
  30. My 3 year old likes to pick out her own clothes.
  31. I got a Mama Mobile this year, a MAZDA 5.
  32. I did some speaking gigs this year that made me want to speak more.
  33. I’m having a new experience with what I have referred to as “stage fright” in the past.
  34. Rather than pushing the energy away I am more welcoming of it.
  35. “Let it Go” and “How Far I’ll Go” are the most popular songs in our household.
  36. Mike and I share a love of personal development, spiritual growth and business.
  37. He’s my Business bestie too.
  38. My brother and his wife got married this year and it was special to celebrate with them.
  39. It’s inspiring me to plan our wedding party.
  40. I’m in the process of interviewing various business owners to share their success secrets.
  41. One underlying theme has been self-trust.
  42. I love how my self-trust continues to solidify.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear how I’ve impacted you and/or what you think of when you think me in the comments below.

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