I Am 41 Today!

This is my 4th year of posting some personal shares about me on my birthday. Thanks for celebrating with me. I hope you enjoy!

  1. “I’m a mother” is a complete sentence.
  2. It’s okay to devote yourself to being a mom.
  3. I think fashion and style can be a deep form of self-expression.
  4. I love decorating and beautifying my space.
  5. Now that I have kids I love Halloween and can’t wait for their next costumes.
  6. I love and celebrate the Holidays; gifts, lights, tree and all.
  7. I like reading books about prosperity.
  8. I don’t have much of a green thumb but I hope to some day.
  9. I’m a big fan of goals and that wasn’t always the case.
  10. I often have incense burning.
  11. When I was in High School I wanted to go to fashion school.
  12. My parents used to gift me paintings as a kid.
  13. I’m not a minimalist.
  14. I think I used to judge myself around that.
  15. I don’t anymore.
  16. I love adornment.
  17. I ‘ve never held a job for a long period of time.
  18. I think about de-activating my Facebook account pretty often.
  19. Then I think about what a great tool it is to connect with my soul tribe.
  20. I utilize the unfollow feature pretty generously.
  21. I haven’t see any of the movies nominated for an Academy Award this season yet.
  22. It’s kind of an event for me to go to the movies.
  23. I like pretty stationary.
  24. In fact, I like pretty/beautiful things period!
  25. I think beauty is an aspect of the Divine.
  26. I can’t live without it. It’s fine with me if you can.
  27. I used to play the flute in Jr. High.
  28. My mom says I used to shut my door and play the flute when I was upset.
  29. I don’t like sarcasm.
  30. I think a lot of intolerance masquerades as tolerance.
  31. I’m a compassionate coach.
  32. I lovingly guide, teach, challenge.
  33. I’m thoughtful with my words.
  34. I’m no saint, but I’m a good person.
  35. I’ve had some adventures that need to be written about!
  36. My kids have these BIG BROWN EYES that make me swoon.
  37. Being a Mamapreneur of two little ones really stretches me sometimes.
  38. I fee like I’m entering a new portal of maturity.
  39. Responsibility, focus, planning, discipline are now things I desire.
  40. I know see how they enhance my freedom and creativity.
  41. Cheers to another year of challenge and growth.





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