I talk to many coaches who question the value of their coaching services or minimize the impact they have on their clients.
Sometimes, it can seem intangible to put into words how a coaching conversation leads to someone taking specific actions that lead to their desired outcome.

One of the ways to see what you offer and provide as a coach is to write down what you give to your clients after each session.
Some of these things might include, but are not limited to:

~ Sharing a book recommendation.
~ Sharing a business tool that they’ve never heard of.
~ A website reference that will help them.
~ Help with their copy.
~ Pulling the pearls from a large pool of ideas.
~ Assistance with a workshop or class outline.
~ What to say and how to say it.
~ Processing an upset.
~ Validating their strengths.
~ Role playing a sales conversation or other important conversation.
~ The specific next steps to take to get to where they want to go.
~ A concrete action plan to move forward.
~ Pointing out where they are sabotaging themselves or where they are not giving themselves credit.
~ Figuring out your pricing, package or unique offer.
~ and much, much more!

Are you aware of the specific ways you assist your clients to get what they want by working with you? Start writing it down, you will be amazed all the ways you are serving your clients.



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