39 Pieces of Ka-Dee-Zsa on Her Birthday

39 bday

1. I wrote 38 things about myself for my birthday last year and I think I might want to make it a tradition.
2. My birthday wish last year was to have a beautiful birth experience and a healthy baby.
3. That wish came true and much faster than I would have ever managed, less than 3 hours.
4. My full name is Kadidja Didi Mouke Yansane.
5. Pronounced Ha or Ka- dee -zsa -dee- dee -moo- kay- yanh- sah- nay.
6. I Introduce myself as Kah- dee -zsa Yanh -sah -nee.
7. I didn’t see the Oscars.
8. The last cd I bought was Sam Smith.
9. I am one of those collage people.
10. Personal Development really is a passion of mine.
11. Owning a bed and breakfast later in life seems like it would be fun.
12. Ministerial or Practitioner Studies is something I consider every now and again.
13. I love vintage and antique shopping.
14. I just moved to the Bay Area so we could be close to my parents/ her grand-parents.
15. I listen to the Beyonce station on Pandora a lot. Lol.
16. I typically don’t give unsolicited advice or feedback.
17. I am loving being a mom and watching my daughter grow.
18. She truly is a joy. And that doesn’t even express the half of it.
19. She moans herself to sleep. It is quite hilarious.
20. Sometimes it seems as though I need more arms to do things with her.
21. I was surprised to see how opinionated people are about breastfeeding and how long I am going to do it.
22. I don’t know when I am going to stop. I am sure it will be before she graduates High School.
23. A famous person I would love to sit down with and talk to is Deepak Chopra.
24. You may say that I am a dreamer but I am not the only one.
25. I have had a lot of amazing women and men in my life as mentors.
26. I think I’m pretty open when you put loving and sincere attention on me.
27. I have had some girlfriend break ups that still hurt.
28. I am grateful for the space and time that I have for introspection.
29. Mike brought me some beautiful flowers this morning.
30. I write myself birthday cards and Valentine’s Day Cards.
31. I’m proud of my Berkeley roots.
32. I don’t think everyone needs to get married or have children and people should just leave people alone.
33. I’ve never been the Oh I love cooking woman. But there is more desire there.Been pulling out the cookbooks.
34. I’m not sure what my specific birthday wish is yet, but I think it would be good to make one because wishes come true.
35. I am overflowing with life wishes.
36. Even though I am a people person, my seemingly extroverted nature might be concealing a little shyness.
37. I just got on twitter and I don’t get it yet.
38. I’d like to start interviewing all the awesome people I know, so I might be calling you.
39.I am looking forward to turning the Big 4-0 next year.



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