1 on 1 Coaching

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Women Centered Coaching is a powerful investment in your feminine expression and leadership.  In your one on one coaching program with me we get to the heart of your authentic desires, clarify and clear what’s standing in your way and create a personal development plan to have you living in alignment with who you truly are and what you really want. The in depth initial inventory takes stock of where you are, pinpoints your core values, and together we design an individualized program for success with your soul project.  What makes Women Centered Coaching unique is that it honors who you are as a woman. This means that your emotional process is as vitally important as the fulfillment of your goals.

Some of my clients report:

    • Feeling more connected to their Femininity
    • Creating work that really honors who they are
    • Developing more ease and intimacy in romantic relationships
    • Greater self confidence
    • Improved relationships with other women
    • Confidence in asking for what they want
    • Increased body awareness and approval
    • Enhanced artistic expression
    • More abundance in all areas
    • and much, much more.