Bloom Into Your Abundance~ The Art of Womanifesting

Bloom INto AbundanceNEW-NEW

In this 5 week Tele-Class you will :
– Discover the way womanifesting works.
– Learn the differences between how men and women create.
– Increase your confidence and personal power.
– Enhance your beauty and magnetic energy.
– Develop a spiritual approach to money and debt.
– Attract greater opportunities, luck and support.
– Expand your capacity to receive beyond your current limits.
– Learn to overcome the resistance to your greatness.
– Feel more connected to your unique creative expression.
– and much, much more.

The Feminine Art of Receiving Tele-class:

feminine art

On this call You Will:

~Discover how women are built to receive.
~Learn how to put your own needs first & set healthy boundaries that will serve you and the people in your life.
~Learn how to honor your desires and ask for what you want.


Expanding Your Capacity to Receive as a Woman Tele-Class

Arms open With Writing

In this 4 week Tele- Class you will learn the keys to:

~Living From Desire

~The Secrets to Skillful Asking

~Believing You Can Get what you Want

~Being the Space for Receiving


Bloom Into the One~ Creating Authentic & Soulful Love

Bloom into the One TeleClass May 7th

In this 4 week Tele-class you will work on:

~ Releasing Past Relationships and Disappointments.

~Asking For What you Want.

~Understanding the difference between Chemistry and Love.

~Creating a Love Vision.