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Sometimes picking a niche can feel like your forcing yourself into a box. I know it felt that way for me at one point. Some of my clients can feel like they are being asked to limit themselves. For a creative person, it can feel like tying a noose around your neck.

However, picking a niche doesn’t have to be limiting at all, unless you make it that way. Everything that you know and all the tools you have are all available to you no matter what your niche is. You can still help your clients with other areas of their life that are not your niche.

Often times, the things that I hear people calling their niche are just ways they support clients, not the niche itself. There’s the WHO {what group of people and the problem they are having} you help and the HOW {what process, exercises, tools} you help them.

Have you figured out who you help, what you help them with and how you do it?

If you are struggling with your niche, be willing to test one out for a time and you’ll know if you need to change it or make adjustments. It’s a process of self awareness and discovery that you can choose to have fun with.

Happy picking!



I talk to many coaches who question the value of their coaching services or minimize the impact they have on their clients.
Sometimes, it can seem intangible to put into words how a coaching conversation leads to someone taking specific actions that lead to their desired outcome.

One of the ways to see what you offer and provide as a coach is to write down what you give to your clients after each session.
Some of these things might include, but are not limited to:

~ Sharing a book recommendation.
~ Sharing a business tool that they’ve never heard of.
~ A website reference that will help them.
~ Help with their copy.
~ Pulling the pearls from a large pool of ideas.
~ Assistance with a workshop or class outline.
~ What to say and how to say it.
~ Processing an upset.
~ Validating their strengths.
~ Role playing a sales conversation or other important conversation.
~ The specific next steps to take to get to where they want to go.
~ A concrete action plan to move forward.
~ Pointing out where they are sabotaging themselves or where they are not giving themselves credit.
~ Figuring out your pricing, package or unique offer.
~ and much, much more!

Are you aware of the specific ways you assist your clients to get what they want by working with you? Start writing it down, you will be amazed all the ways you are serving your clients.


We had class 2/8 of my Client Creation Program last night. These women are amazing! They are creating their offerings, setting dates for their first workshops, stretching themselves, becoming friends and doing it in style. My heart feels so full after each call


What Tools Do You Use in Your Coaching Biz? I use:

~ Acuity for scheduling
~ GetResponse for email marketing
~ Freeconfrencing for conference calls
~ Lead pages for landing pages
~ PayPal and Stripe for payment processing
~ Pic monkey for photo editing
~ Zoom for videoconferencing



If you’re looking to gain some instant traction in your business, set a date to do the thing you’ve been thinking about doing or putting off doing. For some people, it can seem counter intuitive to set a date before you have everything set in place. However, setting a date is the difference between an idea and it being manifest.

When you set a date, it’s time to show up. Without a date, you can postpone showing up and even never show up. The date can be the ignition you need to kick things into gear. Now, you have to prepare! And since we are talking about dates, if someone wanted to take you on a date and kept saying we should go on a date sometime, but never wanted to pick a date, eventually you’d be like he’s playing games or not really serious.

When you set your intention to do something by a specific time or on a specific day you are choosing to make it a reality. That being said, things are not set in stone and you can change the date if you need to. For those of you who struggle with implementing one idea through to completion, setting a date and following through will make the difference. Rinse and Repeat!



My previous experience doing home parties in the Direct Sales industry, taught me a lot of about the limiting beliefs and fears that many women have around selling their products and services.

I saw women express worry or concern at being seen as salesy or pushy or feeling like they were doing something wrong by selling. Some women were completely uncomfortable calling people to share the business opportunity or to see if they wanted to book a party. That was pretty amazing given that they thought enough of the product to invest in it themselves.

Frequently, I would hear people say things like “I don’t know that many people”, “she doesn’t have the money”, “she wouldn’t be interested”, “I don’t want her to think I’m a part of some MLM scam” etc. In other words, reasons not to do anything that would feel the slightest bit uncomfortable or make you look bad in the eyes of others.

One of the ways to book parties was to make a list of everyone you knew and start reaching out to people to let them know what you were up to. Another way was to throw your own party and book parties from that one. Or to participate in someone else’s event where you could share the product and book parties that way.

I think the same marketing tools of direct sales apply to sharing your coaching services. If it’s challenging to come up with a list of potential leads in your network, you’re in resistance. If setting a date to host an event keeps getting pushed further and further out, you’re in resistance. If coming up with one package to offer potential clients seems really complicated, you’re in resistance.

Resistance is fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear about what others will think, fear of not doing it right or not being perfect, fear of getting a no or fear of rejection.

Leaning into the fear is courage. It takes courage and vulnerability to sell. It takes putting yourself out there to get crickets, praise and/or sales. In fact, making sales requires you to be open which exposes you to being hurt or to being appreciated more than you can receive or feel worthy of.

How does it land with you that it takes courage to sell?

If you’re looking for the guidance and support to take courageous strides in your life and business, let’s set up a Business Clarity Call.


PS- This is me using the products I was selling.



asianwomanSelf-Care becomes even more pivotal to your life when starting and growing your coaching practice. It takes a certain amount of energy and bandwidth to hold space for others, create content, market your services, lead discovery calls, engage your community, deliver coaching sessions, launch programs and the list goes on and on.

It becomes very easy to dedicate all your time to your business needs. However, you are the foundation of your business and if you are worn out, uninspired, sick, stressed out, you don’t have much to offer the people you want to serve. Not only that, you become less available for divine inspiration to flow through you.

Self-care is not limited to pampering yourself, although I love me some pampering! It also includes, setting boundaries, making sure you are eating properly, getting enough rest, unplugging from technology and business related activities. It means setting up business systems and structures to make things run easier for you.

Most importantly, self-care is having the support of at least one person who has your back as you do the brave work of being visible and sharing your body of work in the market place. I am so grateful to have Mike with me every step of the way along with the private and group coaching I personally receive.

If you are craving private 1:1 support to birth your coaching business, let’s have a converation talk about how I can help you get your first paying or next paying clients.

PS- How will you practice self-care this week?



What would an additional $500, $1000, $2000, or even $5000 or more mean for you or your family?

How would that change the quality of your life? What kind of changes would clients receive in their lives by investing in themselves through working with you?

Learning how to get coaching clients is not just about “getting” someone to sign up with you.

✔️It’s about believing in the value you provide.
✔️It’s helping someone get to the other side of their unconscious limitations so they can have what they want.
✔️It’s being properly compensated and financially supported for your skill set and experience.
✔️It’s about the trickle effect that one client’s transformation has on their own circle of influence.

What would be the impact for you in mastering the art of getting new clients and growing your business, FOR REAL?

Travel? Private school? Donating to causes that matter? Help with household finances? Staying at home with your children? Going back to school?

If learning how to acquire clients feels like a pressing priority for you, let’s have a conversation about how I can support you in doing that!



Hey lady,

If you are not quite where you want to be.
If you haven’t had your first client
If you are in between clients
If it seems others are doing it better or faster
If you are tired
If you are overwhelmed
If you are not believing in yourself
If you want to give up
If you just can’t seem to…


Where can you forgive yourself?
Where can you acknowledge yourself?
Where can you be grateful?
Where can you be patient with yourself?
How can you help somebody else?
How can you love yourself with what you have and where you are?
How can you celebrate you?



The first meet-up I hosted was centered around a book. I’d never held a group before and I thought that organizing it around a book would be a great way for me to start. Still, I had reservations about leading a group about finding your soulmate when I hadn’t found “the one” and I was so frustrated with my dating experiences at the time.

I had thoughts like “how I can I help people find their mate when I haven’t found mine?”, “what if they ask me questions, I don’t know the answer to?”, and “what if nobody shows up?” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The other part of me thought, well I’m not claiming to have all the answers nor pretending that I’ve found my soulmate. Additionally, I realized that:
a) I really wanted to go through this book myself
b) I wanted to bring women together and facilitate the process
c) as a coach I didn’t need to have the answers but the questions that would lead to the answer.

Well guess what happened? 8 people signed up for that class. I FINALLY, went through this book that had been sitting on my shelf for years. As the leader, I had to go through the material so I could make the lesson plans. AND, I actually connected with my partner during that class and we have 2 kids.

Stepping up to lead and take more responsibility opened the door to ACTUALLY create the thing that I wanted.

Is there something that you’ve been wanting to offer or teach but feel like you are not qualified?

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