Bloom Into You TV on YouTube

I started a YouTube channel called Bloom Into You TV to help female coaches start and grow their coaching business.

On this channel you can expect to find great content, tools and resources on how to get coaching clients, how to do client attraction in a way that feels natural rather than salesy and pushy, how to market yourself as a coach, how to identify the right coaching niche for you, how to determine what you should charge as a coach and even how to decide if coaching certification is right for and so much more.

So make sure to subscribe so that you get my weekly videos on all things coaching. If you have any questions that you would like for me to address in a future video, feel free to email me send me a message.

How to Get Started as a Coach

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from new coaches is “How do I get started as a coach?”

Although there are various ways and steps to start your life coaching business, I have found that many people get stuck and lost with not knowing how to get started as a coach.

In this video, I am sharing some easy and FREE steps you can take to get your first paying clients, authentic client attraction strategies and the simple steps to enroll potential coaching clients into discovery calls with you.

I also talk about how subtle fear and resistance can creep in and prevent you from taking action on your coaching business.


How to Pick a Niche for Your Coaching Business

In this video, I discuss how new coaches can get coaching clients by choosing a specific niche for their coaching business.

I answer the questions what is a niche and why that is important in growing your life coaching business.

I discuss the 3 most lucrative niches to make money as a coach and why selecting the right niche is pivotal for marketing yourself as a coach.

Finally we go over how to pick the right coaching niche to facilitate client attraction and get coaching clients eager to work with you based on what your are must passionate to share so you can start making money coaching.

To get some personalized help in identifying the right coaching niche to attract more of your ideal clients book a Business Clarity Call with me at


Hi, My Name is Kadidja

Hi Beautiful,

Have we met? If not, let’s get better acquainted.

My name is Kadidja Yansane and I’m a first generation African, born and raised in Berkeley, CA. My parents were born in Guinea and french was my first language even though I’m a little rusty.

When I’m not changing diapers, picking up toys, chasing my son Khalil (20 mos) and negotiating any number of topics with my daughter Naima (3), I love to go on long walks with my family. My partner, baby daddy and fiance Mike and I are both coaches. Going on walks and to the park are how we enjoy some good ol family time.

I love going to my parents house who live about 8 mins away to enjoy my mom’s amazing cooking and watch Super Soul Sunday. Did I mention, my mom is such a blessing and helps me out with the kids? I don’t know what I’d do without her!

I can also be found immersed in some personal or professional development program, reading some spiritual book or singing and dancing to my favorite tunes while cleaning the house. I’m also on the phone or Skype with coaching clients and hanging out in my Facebook group WOMEN COACHES IN BLOOM. Come join us if you are a coach or aspiring coach looking for inspiration and support to grow your coaching business.

I’m a U.C Berkeley Women’s Studies graduate and former Orgasmic Meditation Trainer turned Business Coach. I help soulful female coaches start and grow their coaching business while helping them to own their gifts and trust their intuition. I get a kick out of giving Sacred Money Archetype Readings and sharing how it relates to your profitability and business growth.

What I LOVE most about being a coach is facilitating and witnessing a woman stepping into her power. As a trained doula, who had a home-birth, I see myself as a spiritual midwife who helps women give birth to their life and business dreams. It’s who I am, not just what I do.

One of my clients when she started working with me was averaging $4000 a month and is now earning over $10,000 a month with 1:1 coaching clients. The wins of my clients are ABSOLUTELY my victories as well!

Thank you for checking me out here on Facebook! Friends affectionately call me KK, Kadij, Dija, Kadidiface, Sunshine, Empress, Sister Goddess Kadidja, African Queen, Mama K, Miss Kadidja, Lady K just to name a few.



What if My Coaching Client Doesn’t Get Results?

One of the biggest fears that I hear new coaches share is “what if my clients don’t get results”?

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question this video will help!

✔️Find out the key question to ask yourself.

✔️Identify what you are responsible for and what your client is responsible for.

✔️Hold a larger perspective about time.

To discuss your unique business needs, challenges and goals so that you can create some greater momentum in your practice go to to apply for a Business Clarity call with me.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make in Their Free Consult

In today’s video, I’m talking about the 3 Biggest mistakes coaches make in their free consultation.

They are innocent mistakes that I used to make myself and that I see clients unintentionally do.

However, once you have a solid framework as to how you hold your consultations, you will not increase your confidence, but also increase your sales.

If you need help with getting prospective clients into your free consultations and enrolling clients book a Business Clarity Call with me to discuss how I can help.

The 9 Step Client Creation Process

One of the most common questions that new coaches ask me is “How do I get paying clients?”

In today’s video , I am talking about the 9 Steps of the Client Creation Process.

Chances are if you are not getting paying clients you are probably missing 1 or more of these steps OR you might need some adjustments on 1 of the steps.

To get more clarity on what’s happening in your business and taking your next steps book a Business Clarity Call at

I Am 41 Today!

This is my 4th year of posting some personal shares about me on my birthday. Thanks for celebrating with me. I hope you enjoy!

  1. “I’m a mother” is a complete sentence.
  2. It’s okay to devote yourself to being a mom.
  3. I think fashion and style can be a deep form of self-expression.
  4. I love decorating and beautifying my space.
  5. Now that I have kids I love Halloween and can’t wait for their next costumes.
  6. I love and celebrate the Holidays; gifts, lights, tree and all.
  7. I like reading books about prosperity.
  8. I don’t have much of a green thumb but I hope to some day.
  9. I’m a big fan of goals and that wasn’t always the case.
  10. I often have incense burning.
  11. When I was in High School I wanted to go to fashion school.
  12. My parents used to gift me paintings as a kid.
  13. I’m not a minimalist.
  14. I think I used to judge myself around that.
  15. I don’t anymore.
  16. I love adornment.
  17. I ‘ve never held a job for a long period of time.
  18. I think about de-activating my Facebook account pretty often.
  19. Then I think about what a great tool it is to connect with my soul tribe.
  20. I utilize the unfollow feature pretty generously.
  21. I haven’t see any of the movies nominated for an Academy Award this season yet.
  22. It’s kind of an event for me to go to the movies.
  23. I like pretty stationary.
  24. In fact, I like pretty/beautiful things period!
  25. I think beauty is an aspect of the Divine.
  26. I can’t live without it. It’s fine with me if you can.
  27. I used to play the flute in Jr. High.
  28. My mom says I used to shut my door and play the flute when I was upset.
  29. I don’t like sarcasm.
  30. I think a lot of intolerance masquerades as tolerance.
  31. I’m a compassionate coach.
  32. I lovingly guide, teach, challenge.
  33. I’m thoughtful with my words.
  34. I’m no saint, but I’m a good person.
  35. I’ve had some adventures that need to be written about!
  36. My kids have these BIG BROWN EYES that make me swoon.
  37. Being a Mamapreneur of two little ones really stretches me sometimes.
  38. I fee like I’m entering a new portal of maturity.
  39. Responsibility, focus, planning, discipline are now things I desire.
  40. I know see how they enhance my freedom and creativity.
  41. Cheers to another year of challenge and growth.





Sometimes picking a niche can feel like your forcing yourself into a box. I know it felt that way for me at one point. Some of my clients can feel like they are being asked to limit themselves. For a creative person, it can feel like tying a noose around your neck.

However, picking a niche doesn’t have to be limiting at all, unless you make it that way. Everything that you know and all the tools you have are all available to you no matter what your niche is. You can still help your clients with other areas of their life that are not your niche.

Often times, the things that I hear people calling their niche are just ways they support clients, not the niche itself. There’s the WHO {what group of people and the problem they are having} you help and the HOW {what process, exercises, tools} you help them.

Have you figured out who you help, what you help them with and how you do it?

If you are struggling with your niche, be willing to test one out for a time and you’ll know if you need to change it or make adjustments. It’s a process of self awareness and discovery that you can choose to have fun with.

Happy picking!

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