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Kadidja Yansané is a professional Women’s Empowerment Coach based in Los Angeles, California. She works with women to integrate the various layers of their womanhood, especially the parts they have been taught to deny or suppress, for a more embodied and expressed version of themselves. Whether its through Woman Centered Coaching, Doula Care Services and/or {OM} Orgasmic Meditation Training, women get in touch with their most authentic voice and desires to guide them on their path.

She has always had a passion for the study of  womanhood as a sacred experience which she has explored through art, literature, spirituality and sexuality. At the University of California, Berkeley where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Women Studies, she examined how womanhood is experienced at the intersection of many identities including race, sex and class. In her career as a counselor, she worked as Jr. High and High School Counselor and for Exhale an after abortion talk line. Not only interested in the politics of womanhood, she is fascinated by the art of it.

She worked for Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts in NYC where she served as support staff in the producing of classes and workshops in the womanly arts. Her appreciation for woman’s body and it’s ability to carry and nurture life encouraged her to train as a professional Doula. Inspired to support others in an impactful way, she received her Coaching Training certification from JFK University in Northern, California, where she also took advantage of graduate level courses in trans personal and somatic psychology. Most recently , she completed the OneTaste coaching program in Orgasmic Mediation {OM} Training and the OneTaste method of Coaching.

Kadidja is a first generation Guinean American who was born and raised in Berkeley, California. Her french speaking, west African heritage and upbringing provided her with a deep level of cross cultural awareness and sensitivity that she brings to her life and work. She celebrates the diversity in creative expression and lifestyle choices and supports her clients in being true to their personal journey.

For the last 15 years, Kadidja has worked as an advocate, counselor, coach and mentor for women’s development and spiritual transformation. Her ongoing commitment to her  personal growth gives her an array of tools to to facilitate change and produce results for her clients. She lives in Los Angeles with her partner Michael and their daughter Naima.